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We are a new age Health Aggregaters Focused in Critical Care ,Planned Hospitalizations, Day Care & Home Care Solutions.
We plan our day with a routine like exercising, commuting to reach office early ,maintain standard time for Lunch & Dinner ,spend more time with family etc . And we also desire to get instant recognition in the co & promotion, buy a new luxury Car, Flat etc.,.
Planning is based on the assumption of ceteris paribus, it means “’Nothing else being changed” or “All other things being constant”

“ Life is what happens when you’re busy planning a bright future.”

Someone known to us may be a neighbor, a friend a cousin a colleague suddenly receiving a phone call from the Doctor or through test reports knowing they are diagnosed with Leukemia. Unfortunately for us everything changes in a matter of minutes .Thankfully for few people and their loved ones, they were able to weather the storm with proper guidance & access to affordable quality healthcare.
The cost of medical care in India is fast becoming more and more unaffordable. And the access is also limited to selected cities.
Across India due to lack of awareness on Heart, Chronic Kidney Disease ( CKD ),Cancer etc ., more than 3 lakh people lose their lives this also includes many people who have an ability to afford the cost of treatment still lose their lives due to lack of guidance & unable to know about the healthcare centers which offer advanced treatment at affordable prices.
How much are we prepared for a better tomorrow for ourselves and for our loved one’s Sedentary life style (without or with smoking & drinking habits ) family history or irrespective of family history everyone is prone for one or the other diseases like Diabetes ,Heart Diseases , Kidney Disease ,Cancer , etc.
All these diseases can be known at an early stage with regular Dr consultations, preventive Health Checkups .Knowing about the diseases at an early stage will help in curing or controlling the disease with proper treatment & precautions, then knowing in advanced stage & repenting .
Please remember Prevention is better than Cure & life has no retakes.

At SHPL, we are working towards making preventive health checkups, treatments for critical illness & planned hospitalizations more affordable and accessible in multiple city’s across India.

We @ Chiranjeevihealthcare.com are the Bridge between

  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors
  • Clinics / Medical Dispensaries
  • Homecare Service Providers

India’s First Health Aggregater for Day Care, Homecare, Planned Hospitalizations & Critical Care needs

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I want to thank you for offering lab work for a fair price! I have to get lab work done every 6-8 weeks and your test package is very helpful.

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