Critical Care

We have a keen focus on Nephralogy & Oncology
These services will be offered through best of the Treasury hospitals empanelled by us across India

Nephrology :

Earlier Kidneys were part of the body now they are part of everyone’s life,17 out of 100 suffer from Kidney Disease in India & every year more than 2.2 lakh people in our country are newly being added for Dialysis.

Hemodialysis :

A process of purifying the blood of a person whose kidneys are not working normally.
We will be offering Hemodialysis as a package of 10 & 12 sessions. for people who already have a Fistula fixed on their hands.

Dialyzer membranes come with different pore sizes.

Low Flux : Those with smaller pore size (with reusable Dialyzer & Pipe )
High Flux : Those with larger pore sizes (with reusable Dialyzer & Pipe )

Sero Positive : done for Hepatitis,HIV positive patients where Every Dialysis session new Dialyzer and pipe are used.

**ADP-3 Test mandatory for all customers migrating to our empaneled centers.

Oncology :
We will be offering Chemotherapy ( Miscellaneous Antineoplastics, Topoisomerase inhibitors, Anti metabolites, Alkylating agents ,Plant Alkaloids etc